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Why I Paint

I have wasted so much time but perhaps that is part of the process; the work is ready when it is ready. I am pushing paint in a hurry, now to catch up. I use acrylic paint since it dries rapidly and can be handled. Maybe, the work will be ready soon. It is time.

Art is a way to tell a story. It is a language that communicates visually, with color, line and form. The artist speaks through the work and sometimes the work expresses something that creates a dialogue with a viewer. If the image causes a mental connection it can be understood, but often it is not, so the efforts to refine the message must continue.

This is a visual medium so the unspoken conversation begins with color. My work has always been figurative, representational in some way. Whether the work is in pursuit of realism or the image morphs into abstraction, each piece integrates intense color. Whether a viewer responds or notices, the challenge has been made.

My influences include every painting I have ever seen. Sometimes, it is as a study of the brush work, sometimes it is as a measure against my own work. The last two years have included much time at Lillstreet Art Center. Vacations always involve a trip to the Gallery or Art Museum. Leonard Madura, an instructor from long ago has been the strongest influence on my work. I hope he is well.